Being Thankful, Drawing Closer . . .

I was at church this past Sunday night, and my pastor said something I’ve heard said a zillion other times, but never really let it sink in . . . Jesus died on that cross for you, and if it had been only for you, he would have still done it.

I’m not sure the reason, but it sat there with me this time, resonating in the silence of the building, only the pastor’s voice being heard.  If it were only one of us, only me, or only you, he still would have taken that beating, that bloody, gruesome, painful death.  For only one of us.

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When Nothing Goes Your Way . . .

This morning was a morning of Unsatisfactory Everything for me.  The kids wouldn’t get up and get going, nobody could find the shoes I wanted for one of the babies, cars couldn’t seem to pull out into traffic at a reasonable rate (hello road rage), I called my husband to talk things out, looking for a little redemption or maybe just some comfort and he seemed too busy to talk to me . . . On and on and on it seemed to go.  I felt that anxious struggle for breath I feel when the world seems to be weighing in a little extra heavily as it sometimes does.  So, I breathe and turn the radio up—drown out my worries for my last few minutes of alone time before I get to work and start on today’s newest projects.

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