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cropped-whats-your-story.jpgSo, have you ever gone to buy something from Amazon or somewhere and sat down and read the reviews before fully committing?  Well, I know I sure have.  I’ve read reviews and testimonials for hours sometimes, even after purchasing said product. (LOL)  I love hearing about other people’s experiences, how they did it, how something worked for them or how something didn’t.  It makes putting my own situation into perspective that much easier.  So, that’s kind of what I want to do here.

After writing my book, Him & Me, I talked to several different people, people emailed me, texted me, messaged me, and they all said the same thing . . . You’re not alone in this, we’ve been there too.  So, I began pondering on it for a while, thinking about it and then thinking some more, and I wanted to figure out something else I could do to help people who had been in the same situation as my husband and me.  (If you haven’t read Him & Me, or don’t know a little bit about our story, a condensed version is we had a long history and a pretty terrible marriage for a while . . . until we finally gave it up to God and let Him have His way in our lives.)  The conclusion that I came to was, although our particular story may have been unique to us, the situation wasn’t.  So many marriages face hard times, and many of those give it to God and have their own comeback story.

Lately, I’ve seen, read about, heard about, you name it . . . just marriages in trouble, struggling, perceived to be dead, maybe already dead, but in need . . . of something more.  And some of us already know what that something more is . . . a real, full release to God, to give ourselves and our marriages up to Him and to let Him do his work in our lives.

So, anyway back to the reviews/testimonials I was talking about earlier . . .

That’s what I need you guys for.  There are some of you out there that know to tell someone your story is a freeing, healing experience for yourself, and could very possibly be a healing experience for someone else as well.  So, I’m asking those of you who don’t mind sharing your stories with others to use the Contact page and tell me.  Let me write it down for you, on this blog, maybe in a new book, I don’t know quite yet, and let’s see what God can do with all of our stories.  Let’s see how many marriages we can help rescue just by throwing out a life preserver of HOPE saying that a marriage CAN BE SAVED if perhaps we’re only willing.  Let’s give others all the ‘Reviews’ they can stand to read!

So, Thank You to the ones who are willing to jump into this with me.  Thank you for your openness and your honesty!



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