About Me

Who Am I?

My name is Jak Lowe (Not really!  My name is actually Alison Lowe.  Jak is taken from my initials . . . Jaime Alison Key.  My grandmother’s name is taken from her initials and when I write, so is mine.

I am a logger’s wife and a farmer’s daughter.  I wake up with the sun and go to bed long after it does on most nights.  I love hearing the chickens crow and watching the fields grow green and then golden with nature’s harvest.  I love the sound of goats bleating and cows mooing in the distance and the feel of their wet tongues on my hand looking for a treat.  I love the peace and simplicity living in a small town brings, where you know everybody and they know you and you say hello and nod your head when passing on the street or at the gas station or the little cafe.  I love living in the South, where time moves slower and grandma will still get ya if you don’t use your manners, where we still pull over and stop for funeral processions and southern hospitality is a way of life.  I love my church and the way the people love on you and pray for you and pull for you.  I love a dark, quiet morning, the sounds of my kids breathing all over my house, the rustle of my Bible and a prayer in my heart.  And I love knowing the God who created the heavens and the earth knows and loves me!

I am a child of the Almighty God.  I love and am loved by our Holy Father, the Comforter, the Deliverer, the Friend of Sinners, the Beginning and the End.  That by itself is exciting!  The Creator of All Things knows me and LOVES me!  And he has blessed me beyond measure.  What I am not . . . I am not a theologian.  I don’t have a degree in theology or ministry.  (BUT, my husband is in seminary school and I do read every single lesson!  I love to learn!)  What I do have is a HUGE love for Jesus and my own life experiences.  So, I’m going to tell you all about what God does in my life in hopes that it helps and blesses you in yours.

What I Believe.

I believe I am a sinner in need of a savior.  I believe Jesus is that savior, sent to Earth by the Father God in Heaven to die a horrible, painful death to save me from Hell.  I believe the Bible is God’s inerrant word.  There are no mistakes and no fallacies.  He breathed the words to life and I try to live my life by them.  I believe in Grace!  I believe we mess up, we’re human and we tend to do that, but because God is such a loving father, he loves us anyway.


Why I Breathe!

My greatest blessing . . . my husband, Jonathan.  I am married to a logger—a tattooed, bearded, God-loving, Bible studying, seminary attending rough-neck logger.  He is the beat of my heart and the breath in my lungs.  God gave him to me because he knew how much I would need him.  He stands beside me, helps me, prays over me and loves me, and oh how I love him.  We have made our way together since we were only 18 years old, marrying at 19 with our first child already 3 months old.  How young and naive we were.  We have struggled down the ugly, bumpy roads together, coming out the other side not unscathed, but still in love and that’s what’s truly important.

3Together, my husband and I have our next blessings . . . our children.  We have 6 (YES, SIX) of them!  Splendidly in order, girl then boy, girl then boy, girl then boy, they are beautiful and perfectly formed in the image of God.  He has filled our quiver and what a joy they are (even when they don’t mind, don’t listen and are in general causing havoc).  God has blessed us naturally and through the miracle of adoption.  When we see the love we have for our children, we can know beyond the shadow of a doubt the love that God has for us.

My life is filled with all sorts of things.  I have a farm with my daddy.  We grow goats and chickens and cows and dogs.  I write books.  I write Christian books like Him & Me, and I write secular books for young adults and Juvenile readers that parents can feel safe letting their children read.  I keep my camera close by because I love taking pictures.  We go to church at Matlock Baptist Church, just down the road from our house.  We love and are loved by our family and friends and our church.  And even in the topsy-turvy, hustle and bustle of life, we know we are blessed and we’re thankful for every chaotic second.